*Petroff Gallery now has some of my work which will be exhibited in their upcoming show ‘The Element of Texture’..details below.

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*May 2-31, 2020…I will have a solo show at First Unitarian Congregation on St.Clair Ave., just west of Avenue Rd., Toronto. I will post details in April

* July28/2019…I have updated this website with recent work. For mobile/device friendly pages, there are two FOR MOBILES pages, one with some recent work, the other with a sampling of older work. For the full set of my art work images, please go to the ART pages on the navigation dropdown; these images are best seen on a laptop/computer (as descriptions there don’t display on many devices). Enjoy!



Based in Toronto and Hillsburgh, Ontario, I am a mostly self-taught artist. Breathing new life into old stuff is my passion. Stuff that is unused, unwanted, discarded. I reclaim, reuse, recycle, upcycle stuff from friends, yard sales, the street, second-hand stores, my basement and wherever.

My relationship with this stuff is ambivalent: I am appalled by the over-consumption and planned obsolescence that produces it, but at the same time, I am inspired and excited by the art possibilities of stuff that would normally be thrown out or would languish in cupboards and basement nooks for next of kin to dispose of. I hope to make a point about this wastefulness and do my little bit to keep some of this stuff out of the waste stream.

I enjoy taking things apart (computers, cables, cell phones, electronic devices, watches, etc) to discover the treasures within. My work is largely guided by the materials I have at hand. Once they are collected, sorted and managed, I love playing with colour, shape, texture, exploring different techniques to create moods and to express my ideas in both playful and serious ways. And then…sometimes, I like to make art just for the hell-of-it!


I have been an amateur photographer for years and for a number of years I had a darkroom at home for black and white developing and printing. I went digital in the 1990's and have used Canon Powershot cameras since then.

My subjects have changed very little over the years....close-ups, landscapes, nature, flowers, abstracts. I love textures, zooming in on small parts of the visual field, manipulating images.